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Over the years we have offered workshops in Canada and the US. Now they are mostly online. Please contact us if you're interested.

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Comments from participants

Thank you Kerry and Charles for a wonderful workshop. I learned from both of you, and from the other participants. I feel that my eyes have been freshened, and I learned some very useful techniques to help me continue to do that!  

- Caron Smith

I appreciated the open atmosphere Charles and Kerry created. They welcomed all participants and allowed us to experiment in a positive and non judgemental way. Rather than enforcing an approach to art, photography was presented as an expression of the wondrous nature of reality. This is a profound and eye opening experience. This approach to photography, coupled with the practice of meditation can lead to a deeper understanding of what it is to be human. Sharing common experiences and looking at those common experiences in new ways is like opening a door to a more fulfilling life.  

- Roy Styffe


This workshop was most enjoyable and opened my eyes to seeing things in a different way – well, noticing more. My life is busy, my mind is busy, and this slowed me down in some way. I had a big SLR camera which I only took with me on holidays, or to a big event. Now I often carry a small digital camera with me and enjoy having things ‘catch my eye’ in a way they didn’t before. Find I get outside more, too – always a good thing. I highly recommend this to all.

- Katherine Baker

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